Noo noo, one of our our guinea pig customers.

Two of our rabbit customers-Charlie and Monty the lionheads. They are available to give references.

Hold my paw is proud to be one of the few organisations in Tunbridge Wells who offer rabbit boarding. During their stay, rabbits will not just be left in a cage but will be exercised regularly and given plenty of fresh hay, herbs, carrots, spring greens and other treats. As long term rabbit owners ourselves, we have learnt how to care for rabbits and are aware of their sensitive stomachs and always take care to monitor their diet and check that their digestive systems are working correctly.We do ask owners to supply the rabbits preferred dry food mix/pellets but we provide the rest. We board rabbits in our large summerhouse. "The Burrow", a luxurious 3m X 3m summerhouse. Your rabbit can enjoy basking in the sun and then have a run around exploring it, totally safe from foxes. We also large runs for them to exercise in and nibble on the grass. In summer, we grow our own organic vegetables and have a large herb garden so there is always lots of fresh veg for the rabbits. Your rabbits cage will be cleaned regularly and we encourage the use of litter trays for good hygiene. We usually only have a small number of rabbits boarding at any one time so your rabbit will get lots of care and attention. They will not just be left in their cages alone.

Please note all rabbits we board must be vaccinated against the deadly myxomatosis and VHD and we will need to see their vaccination certificate. This needs to include vaccination against  the new strain VHD2.

We also board guinea pigs indoors or outdoors.

We can also look after any other small furries such as rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters.

We have recently purchased 2 large hamster cages just waiting to be explored.

Another new addition is a large 2 storey rat palace measuring 92x64x160cm which is also suitable for chinchillas and degus.

So please bring us your pets to look after. They will be safe and happy.

Small animal boarding is £40 a week for 1 rabbit or guinea pig or £60 for 2 sharing a hutch. For any other small animals, please ask us for a quote.




Our large 2m rabbit enclosure

                    The Burrow

Hold My Paw